Chris Berardo & The DesBerardos Single Release 2013

by Chris Berardo & The DesBerardos

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Written by Chris Berardo, BMI

The "A" side of 2013 CD Single release "Somebody Like Me' b/w the "B" side "The Last Great Chance" . These songs represent the band's first new recordings in over 5 years, just a taste of their highly anticipated upcoming album.


released May 14, 2013

Produced by Eric "Roscoe" Ambel.
Recorded and mixed by Tim Hatfield and Mario Viele at Cowboy Technical Recording Rig in Brooklyn, NY
Mastered by Justin Colletti at Joe Lambert Mastering in Brooklyn, NY
CD & down load card art design by James Webber, Austin TX



all rights reserved


Chris Berardo & The DesBerardos Norwalk, Connecticut

CT’s Chris Berardo & The DesBerardos have spent the last several years touring much of the country, playing hundreds of shows with the likes of The Doobie Brothers, The Marshall Tucker Band, David Allan Coe, Levon Helm, Dickey Betts, Little Feat & many others, with countless appearances as headliners everywhere from historic theatres to beer-soaked bar rooms.

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Track Name: Somebody Like Me
Somebody Like Me

You say you’re hanging around, too long
And the days slip into years
You say in your dreams, you’re gone
But you wake up and you’re still here
Well this living in your mind
Will make the truth harder to find
And all your best intentions, time can strip away

Try some other way
Start over today
Your story is just beginning
Maybe somebody’s near
Maybe standing right here


Somebody like me
Could really do a lot of good
For somebody like you
Get you going like you should
It’s so easy to see
That I could turn your world around
You know eventually, you’re going to need
Somebody like me

I know it’s twisting around, your mind
Should have never gone this far
But it’s never too late, too find
The perfect thing you are

But even dreams are just a steal
‘Till you decide to make them real
‘Till you make up your mind to feel alive again

I’m not gonna let
You ever forget
That beautiful thing inside you
Go on and say your goodbyes
You’re ready to fly



I know how it feels to hide your heart
To push away the love before it starts
But nobody wins, walking away
Before you can run you’ve got to crawl
Taking a leap, isn’t the same
As taking a fall

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Track Name: The Last Great Chance
The Last Great Chance

Welcome out to the road I ride
To the hard-core dreams and the truth you’ll find
Out here
Where the air is thin and the gear runs hot
And an honest man gets a fair-shake shot
Out here
You get a little piece of something for your own out here
And you can hold it in your soul, and you can breath out here


Let me take you to a place you thought you’d never find
Where the wave breaks on the rock
And pulls you back out every time
And you can lean over the edge and stare the black out of the night
Shake free and dance
We’re riding out the last great chance

Come on up for your the hands on healing
Gonna raise you up with a righteous feeling
Out here
These days are for the living
Get back twice what you’re giving
Out here
We’ll have a secret and we’ll shout it for the world to hear
‘Cause this town has lost its heart
But all we need is just a song that’s loud and clear


Welcome out to the road I ride
To the gypsy dreams and the peace you’ll find
Out here

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