Ignoring All The Warning Signs​.​.​.

by Chris Berardo & The DesBerardos

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The DesBerardos are:

Chris Berardo - Lead Vocals, Harmonica, Percussion
Marc Douglas Berardo - Vocals, Acoustic Guitar
"Professor" Dick Neal - Electric, Mandolin, Dobro, Banjo, Pedal Steel Guitar, Harmonium, Organ, Vocals
Pete Szymanski - Bass Guitar
Paul Triff - Drums and Percussion


Judd Fuller - Bass
Dan Tressler - Fiddle
Dave Johnson - Pedal Steel, Fiddle


released November 14, 2006

Produced by: Dave Moody and Dick Neal
Engineered by: Nelson Mcswain

All Songs by Chris Berardo
Raoul Duke Musical Entertainment Inc., BMI

Except "Passenger Side" by Jeff Tweedy
(Warner-Tamerlane Pub. Corp. / Words Ampersand Music, BMI)

Recorded at dLab Studios, Monroe NC July 15-20, 2005

Additional Recording at Sman Studios, Fairfield, CT - October, November, December 2005

Engineered by Pete Szymanski

Mixed and Mastered at dLab Studios - April 2006

℗ 2006 Lamon Records



all rights reserved


Chris Berardo & The DesBerardos Norwalk, Connecticut

CT’s Chris Berardo & The DesBerardos have spent the last several years touring much of the country, playing hundreds of shows with the likes of The Doobie Brothers, The Marshall Tucker Band, David Allan Coe, Levon Helm, Dickey Betts, Little Feat & many others, with countless appearances as headliners everywhere from historic theatres to beer-soaked bar rooms.

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Track Name: The One
There’s a star out in the sky, and I’m wishing hard and trying to get right
I think it’s calling me
And I have never been the kind who lives on hope but I am flying tonight
I think I’m finally where I want to be

Dead end lovers let you down
Some time gets lost but love can still be found

Is this The One, that I’ve been waiting for all my life
Is this The One, I’ve only heard about
Is this The One, that I’ve been holding down in my heart
Is this The One, that I’ve been waiting on

People come and people go, but I am here and I am full-on alive
I’m feeling everything
And right now in the story, is the time to make or break or take a chance
What else am I waiting for

A thousand lovers let you down
So much noise but no pure sound
Track Name: So Good, So Far
I used to think that I was rolling easy
All I could do to keep my feet on the ground
I used to stare up at the stars at night
I used to think that I was heaven bound

But now some days are like a long bad movie
But sometimes they’re like a quick hot-shot
Sometimes it’s like they hand it to me
Sometimes I’ve got to take what I’ve got

So I say, have a little fun when you think you can
Live hard in the moment,
And don’t dare forget your friends

So come on we’re going down, down, down
Down to the river at night
Just to listen to the sounds, sounds, sounds
And run out in the wild moonlight
‘Cause this world is spinning ‘round and ‘round
So roll the dice and hold on tight
I just know my life’s where you are
And it’s been so good, so far

They say sometimes that you eat the bear,
And sometimes they say that the bear eats you
Seems like they’re always saying something
But, man I think the part about the bear is true

So spread a little kindness whenever you can
And if you do you know it will come back to you again


Try to fall in love when you think you can
And if you get your heart broke jump back in and love again


Some days I sit and thank the lord,
For these friends and this place that I’ve found
Some days it’s like I just need more
And some days I just curse this town

Some days I’m on a backed up black top
Sometimes I’m on the open road
Sometimes I try to be what I’m not,
Sometimes it’s like I broke the mold
Track Name: I Will Love Again
Been in love a couple times
Enough to know about how bright that light can shine
And I have seen love ripped away
And I have learned to trade tomorrow for today

I’ve been down, but I won’t stay down anymore
And if the spirit knocks, I’ll throw open my door


And I will open up my heart
And make another brand new start, don’t need to run away
And I will open up my mind
And leave the pain of loss behind, live through another day
And I don’t know where or when
But I believe I will love again

Brother, it ain’t worth a dime
To save a little pride, and leave the one you love behind
But there are two things in a soul
And one wants to settle down, and one is always ready to roll

I’ve been broke, but I ain’t broke down anymore
And if the spirit knocks, I’ll throw open my door

Track Name: Forty Years
Forty years and big dreams ago
Back when the world was turning slow
Back when everything was so clear
A young man with his whole life coming on
Wasn’t scared of the right turn or the wrong one
Had the King-Hell run around here

Now I ain’t gonna tell you if I’ve been broken
But you might see it if you look in my eyes
And sometimes living on heart and hoping
Can be harder than you realize
And I guess if you’re counting, that I have lost more than I’ve found
But I still hold my head up in this town

Every morning I wake up around here
Day after day, year after year
And I think of all that might have been
But if just a few of a young man’s dreams come true
They’re worth dreaming, and I still dream of you
And I’d do it all over again


You live your life out on your sleeve, and everybody’s looking to see
But I don’t owe any answers to you, if you ain’t my God and you ain’t me


… and tonight I’ll raise my glass up in this town
Forty years and big dreams ago